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We’re here to help you realise your vision, whatever it may be. We offer complimentary ideation sessions to unlock your imagination and help you realise the event you wish to achieve.
The villa has 5 bedrooms and can sleep up to 20 people in separate beds. our sister villa, a short 5-minute stroll away, can provide an additional 5 bedrooms should your event require it.
Our dining room can host up to 70 people for conferences, events and courses.




La Vita Sukha coliving coworking retreats
La Vita Sukha coliving coworking retreats

Wellness Retreats

Retreats in paradise for people you care about.

We get it: you don’t just need a pretty venue, you need a safe environment within which your clients can show up as their authentic selves and go through their healing journey without fear or judgement. We will hold that space for you.

If needed, can also provide the services of chefs who specialise in healing ayurvedic food, or raw vegan food. Just let us know when you make your booking enquiry.

On a more practical level, we offer a high quality venue for an affordable price, which is ideal for smaller, more intimate wellness retreats. We also offer discounted package deals should you choose to host multiple events a year with us.

We will also be totally happy to help you with the promotion of your retreats.

Corporate Retreats

Unite in a beautiful location immersed in nature and get inspired

It’s true that in today’s digital age, the running of your business can be managed pretty seamlessly online. There will always be a point, however, where your team will be required to meet in-person. Or a more delicate situation may arise, such as a breakdown in the team, that is better dealt with outside of the work environment.

Studies have shown that team retreats immersed in nature not only help to find focus and inspiration, they also recharge your batteries, giving you the essential energy required to focus on strategic and developmental projects, creative and funding projects, or launches. Placing ourselves in a neutral environment, away from the office, also enables us to be more open to new ways of thinking and problem-solving.

When you choose to hold your event with us, we will ensure you not only have an idyllic location, excellent food and great hospitality. If needed, we can also help you design and facilitate a team building program, corporate or work retreat, or community gathering that will foster deeper connection and lasting states of happiness that everyone will remember and take inspiration from.

You are the master of your event – we are here to bring your vision alive.

Education Programs

Let us seek an environment that facilitates the learning of new concepts, new skills and new ways of thinking.

We believe it’s time to rewrite our stories, unlearn our societal conditioning and formulaic educational training, and open our minds to unlearning and relearning. Afterall, isn’t it what we already “know” that often prevents us from learning?

Living within a supportive community environment where we can safely show up as our authentic selves, immersed in the beauty of nature, with a good sprinkling of caring for our bodies, is a great catalyst for such work.

Our venue is perfectly positioned to provide such learning experiences that can include: yoga, mindfulness practices, courses (especially those of a more esoteric nature), education for executives, onboarding, university events and conferences.

Holiday Rental

Enjoy a touch of luxury in a location that is a true hidden gem

If you’d like to rent our beautiful villa for your holiday, please get in touch.