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Are you yearning for a revitalising escape to replenish your spirit and embrace self-care? Step into a realm of tranquility and renewal at La Vita Sukha’s enchanting wellness retreats this summer. Tucked away in a fairytale-like Italian village, surrounded by the serene embrace of nature and rich historical charm, awaits a sanctuary designed to unlock inner peace and amplify self-discovery.

With seasoned facilitators ready to lead you through transformative experiences, take your pick from our retreats on offer and immerse yourself in embracing holistic healing amidst breathtaking landscapes and nurturing support.

Retreat Program Summer 2024

Soul Spa Weekend For Women

 13th-16th June 2024

Escape to Soul Spa’s women’s weekend retreat—an introduction to self-nourishing practices. Awaken with yoga and breathwork, indulge in dance and massage, and savour sensual cooking classes. Rediscover your radiance and depart rejuvenated, ready to embrace life’s pleasures.

Join us for an unforgettable weekend of self-discovery and bliss.

Opening To Intuition

20th-24th June 2024

Unleash your inner wisdom at our transformative retreat. Join us for captivating shamanic journeys, guided meditations, and creative activities. Experience the power of rituals, nature walks, and energy work each day, guided by expert facilitators to elevate your soul. Extra activities will be organised to immerse yourself in the cultural richness offered by this charming village.

Whether seeking spiritual growth or a soul-nourishing escape, this retreat is your sanctuary.

Soul Canvas: Expressive Arts & Movement Healing

26th-31st August 2024 (exact dates TBC)

Immerse yourself in a sanctuary where artistry meets movement, and expression becomes a pathway to inner harmony. Through a carefully crafted blend of expressive arts and dance, you will discover the power of your body’s wisdom to heal and connect with your true essence. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a novice dancer, this retreat offers a safe space to explore, create, and rejuvenate.

Join us as we embark on a soulful exploration, where every brushstroke and every step is a celebration of the beautiful symphony within.

La Vita Sukha Co-founders

Jarka (left) and Liz (right) are seasoned facilitators who decided to open their own space place in Italy.

Liz is a certified yoga teacher, Reiki master, emotional and energy release massage therapist, permaculture designer, and a skilled music artist and producer. She is an expert holder of space and from time to time, you can also find her DJing and facilitating ecstatic dance parties.

Jarka is a certified life coach, conscious leadership advocate and a serial entrepreneur who has travelled the world for over 20 years living and working across 3 continents. You can find her speaking on panels and stages about conscious leadership, remote work and the future of living.

Together, they are the team you want to have supporting your retreat.

La Vita Sukha literally translates as ‘the life of a lasting state of happiness’. Our mission is to empower and encourage every retreat participant to explore their personal journey towards this state. We do this by by encouraging individuals to unite in supporting each other to find peace within themselves and in their surroundings.
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