Liz & Jarka

Who We Are




Travel has been a major part of Liz’s life for as long as she can remember. Born to Italian parents who emigrated to England when they were in their twenties, Liz frequently travelled between England and Italy from the moment she was born.

She grew up loving both cultures but feeling as though she belonged to neither. This is probably what gave rise to her free-spirited and nomadic nature, and insatiable curiosity for life.

Spiritual progression and personal development, have been a major part of Liz’s journey and her life-path has blessed her with many skills and experiences. She has an innate and intuitive ability to hold a safe and sacred space for deeply transformational experiences, and a warm, joyful presence that will immediately make you feel at ease.

Having grown up as a dancer, physical movement is very close to her heart. When she discovered Yoga at the age of 21, she resonated deeply with its ability to heal through intentional movement, and in 2011 she went on a voyage to India to become a qualified Yoga teacher.

Her spiritual studies led her to understand how trapped energy and emotions within body can lead to disease, and how bodywork can be a doorway to release and healing, so she decided to become a qualified masseuse, specialising in powerful energy and emotional release, deep-tissue massage therapy. She is also a Reiki Master and utilises the power of Reiki during her massage treatments to catalyse profoundly healing experiences. 

Liz also has a deep passion for music and is an award-winning music producer, vocalist and DJ. She loves sharing the experience she has gained during her 20-year music career by way of teaching and mentorship.

For as long as she can remember, Liz has always felt a natural connection to nature. Recently she deepened this connection by following a 10-year calling to become a qualified permaculture designer, enabling her to implement sustainable ways of living in ways that work in harmony with nature.

The journey of Liz’s life has come full circle and she has (for now) decided to settle in the birthplace of her parents: Roseto Valfortore. Her parents spent 20 years building the beautiful villa which has now become the hub of La Vita Sukha. It holds a very dear and special place in Liz’s heart and she is thrilled to be building something here that she believes, even in a small way, will make the world a better place.


From an early age, Jarka knew she wanted to travel. Being a digital nomad and navigating life as an entrepreneur are just the latest instalments on this journey she calls ‘the becoming’.

Every milestone she’s reached in this intricate maze of life, felt like a discovery of her inner landscape of possibilities. From becoming a Lawyer in Europe to finishing her business degree in Australia, Jarka took on challenges that yielded a successful corporate career and the launch of her own business in 2018.

Jarka’s expat journey began in her early twenties when she left Europe and settled in Chicago, USA to study. Her next move was to Sydney, Australia where she spent 20 years building a successful career as an executive across industries such as cosmetics, media, insurance, technology and later on starting her own boutique consultancy working with tech start-ups and small businesses.

Taking on the risk of running a business also meant changes in mindset and lifestyle. Jarka’s spiritual journey began. She became a Certified Life Coach through the International Coaching Federation and embarked on a truly remarkable journey of helping others change their lives. Her story of leaving the corporate world and starting her own business inspired many. She became a regular panellist with the General Assembly talking about digital careers, she’s been asked to lecture and tutor at the University of New South Wales and delivered countless workshops, key notes and presentations at conferences, Universities, events and festivals.

She’s been a writer at heart for as long as she remembers, having had articles published in both print and online, such as in Huffington Post, Forbes, The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, and many more. She regularly shares stories via her personal brand called ‘soulful nomad life’.

Her latest venture into co-living, co-working and retreats is taking shape as we speak. Facilitating safe spaces of becoming and belonging for others seems poetic enough to believe this journey has been always leading her here. After all, this venture is in Italy and don’t all roads lead to Rome? 

Her Royal Highness Chopin The Cat

She is cute, fluffy and extremely chatty. She also takes her responsibility as the Royal Queen of the household VERY seriously. She is very affectionate once she gets to know you, but be warned, she will make you work to win her affections! 

It’s all worth it though – the sound of her gentle purr and the cat kisses she bestows upon you once she considers you worthy of her love make all the effort so worthwhile!

If you succumb to her requests to give her brushes with her special pink brush whilst she eats, you will become one of her favourite subjects faster than if you choose to ignore these requests.

Once she gets to know you, she will gleefully follow you up to feed the chickens, and if you happen to participate in any fun projects on the land, you will witness her digging contributions too!

Please do not sit on her throne – she will take great offence. Worry not, we will notify you well in advance as to which chair belongs to HRH.